Parties, Events, Pre-Event, Intermission and Post-Event Light Show


These seriously cool light shows are guaranteed to get your audience engaged and amazed.


Exciting light shows for your guest or event participants.

appeals to everyone

It's hard to NOT look at the spiralling, spinning lights synced to music.  

incredible eye candy

The patterns and lights created during a Spiralight performance are a delight.

Darshan - the light show wizard

Be mesmerised by Spiralight, the impressive spinning flow art sound and light shows created, mixed and choreographed by 15 year old Darshan Clark.

Spiralight's LED Poi Light Shows debuted at ALOTCO's Got Talent in 2020 and his exciting 3-minute Spiralight routine won him 3rd place in Denmark's Got Talent earlier this year! 

A keen member of Southern Edge Art, Darshan has performed in Return of the Sun, Elemental and Heard, plus ALOTCo’s Let Shine Brightly.

hire spiralight for your party or event

Private Parties
Denmark WA, Albany WA & Surrounds
3 x 5 minute light-shows with music
Great Southern, Perth and Peel, Planataganet
6 x 5 minute shows over 3 hours

Light and music shows

denmark, western australia

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